2020 Retreats

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Schedule: September-December 2020 

September 4-7:  Fr. Christopher Barak and Fr. Gary Coulter, Men / Women, 3 or 4 Day Directed Spiritual Exercises 

September 10-13: Opus Sanctorum Angelorum, Men / Women, Work of the Holy Angels

September 24-26: with John Paul II Healing Center at St. Peter Church, Women, Undone Women’s Conference

October 2-4: Fr. Zachary, SOLT and the Knights of the Holy Eucharist, Men / Women, The Eucharistic Lord and Our Lady: Answers For Our Times

October 16-17: with John Paul II Healing Center at St. Peter Church, Men, Men on Fire Men’s Conference

October 30-November 4: Fr. Craig Doty, Men / Women, Jesus, Please Heal Me!

November 13-15: Fr. Matt Rolling, Men / Women, Couch to Saint: Train to Be an Authentic Follower of Christ

November 20-22: Fr. Ramon Decaen, Men/ Women, Ejercicios espirituales en español (Retreat in Spanish)

December 4-6: Fr. Ben Holdren, Men/Women, The Mystery of Marriage Revealed

December 10-13: Regnum Christi and Fr. Chad Everts LC, Men, Men’s Spiritual Exercises

December 19: Fr. Jeff Eickhoff, Men/Women, 1-Day Retreat: God is not Socially Distant