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May 3, 2010 - May 7, 2010
Simon Contractors began working on Monday, May 3.  They set up boundary fences, and Empfield Construction began moving dirt.  The toil soil has been removed and put on a pile on the soccer field (east of the Parish Hall) to be re-used for topsoil after construction is finished.  The area where the footings will be has been over excavated and re-compacted.  Those areas have been tested for the proper soil compaction. There are a few areas that will need more excavation and re-compaction in order to meet specifications.  This will be done on Monday.  When the areas receive approval from the soil compaction tests, then the footing areas will be filled and re-compacted up to about a foot below the finished floor grade.  Then the footings will be excavated.  Hopefully this work will able be able to be done this next week.
EmpfieldStrippingSod050310  084
EmpfieldStrippingSod050310 088
EmpfieldStrippingSod050310 093
EmpfieldRemovingTopSoil050410 096
EmpfieldRemovingTopSoil050410 098
EmpfieldRemovingTopSoil050410 102
EmpfieldStockPilingTopSoil050410 103
EmpfieldSiteWorkExcavation050510 108
EmpfieldSiteWorkExcavation050510 109
EmpfieldSiteWorkExcavation050510 111
EmpfieldSiteWorkExcavation050510 114
SimonLayingOutBuilding050510 115
SimonLayingOutBuilding050510 116
EmpfieldOverExcavatingFootings050510 117
EmpfieldOverExcavatingFootings050510 118
EmpfieldOverExcavatingFootings050510 119
EmpfieldOverExcavatingFootings050510 120
EmpfieldOverExcavatingFootings050510 121
EmpfieldOverExcavatingFootings050610 124
SandFillUnderParishHall050610 126
SprinklerTruckLine050610 129
RectorySewerLine050710 131
RectorySewerLine050710 132
RectoryQuestPhoneLine050710 133
EmpfieldHaulingCompactionFillDirt050710 135

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