2020 Retreats

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Schedule: January-May, 2020

January 31 – February 2: Fr. William Holoubek, Men / Women, “Unbound: Breaking Free from Spiritual Wounds”

February 7-8: Fr. Lux & Fr. McGuire (LDCCW), Women, (LDCCW Winter Symposium   Fri-Sat)

February 28 – March 1: Fr. Christopher Goodwin, Men / Women, “Living on God’s Word”

March 6-8: Fr. Joseph Faulkner, Men / Women, “Biblical Prayer and its Benefits”

March 13-15: Tony Brandt & Chris Stewart, Men/ Women, “Disciples on Mission: Discipleship, Evangelization & Stewards”

March 23-26: Fr. Chris Barak & Fr. Gary Coulter, Men / Women, “4-day Directed Spiritual Exercises   Mon-Thur”

April 3-5: Fr. Sean Kilcawley, Men / Women, “Rend Your Hearts: Living a Spirituality of Surrender”

April 9-11: Marian Sisters, Young Women, Holy Week Retreat for Young Women

April 17-19: Fr. John Rooney, Men / Women, “Receiving Mercy & Being Merciful”

May 1-3: Marian Sisters (Mother Ann Marie & Sr. Serena), Women, Women’s Retreat on Mary – Mother of God